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Bell Tower

             A Meditation Teacher sets out to destroy a social media empire. This empire, known as InfoScroll, is systematically rotting everyone’s brains – to the point where most people can’t focus for more than three seconds.

            Buddha Sumzer has three Meditations – one for empathy, one for silence, and one for extreme focus. With these three Meditations, Buddha builds a team. He takes broken individuals and transforms them into powerful monks and gods. With his team, Buddha infiltrates InfoScroll. He destroys the social media giant in the most ghastly, horrific way possible. Afterward, Buddha rings every bell tower in America. He spreads a healing Meditation across the country, one that fixes a broken species.

            In this futuristic thriller, empathy is the endgame, mindlessness is everywhere, and the fight for what is right has never seen so much darkness before the light.

Bell Tower, a sci-fi/psych thriller

  • Genre-bending

  • World-building

  • Vivid and Gripping

  • Film Potential 

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