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The Vocab Channel

In one year, I will post 300 vocab words. Every weekday, I will share a word, its part of speech, its definition - and then I will use the word as creatively and professionally as possible. As I share my examples, I encourage you to share yours. 

Each vocab word can be used in a:

     - sentence

     - song lyric

     - joke

     - rhyme

     - rap

     - philosophical rant 

     - Whatever! Use each word however             you want, just use it really, really well. 

I am only doing this once, so if you want to build your vocabulary, buckle in to the Vocab Channel. Watch it every weekday. And watch it over breakfast - because vocab words are best over breakfast.


You guys! This is going to be awesome. This is going to be the most articulate year of your life :) 

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